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  • Black Woman In College Workshop – 2020 – NBC29
  • Dr. Jaronda Miller-Bryant Brings Passion for Mentoring & Community Service – UVA Today
  • University of Virginia Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center Staff Spotlight 
  • Mention – “Alumna’s Work with Women of Color Continues at Stanford

    Being able to work with someone as cool and amazing as Jaronda Miller-Bryant was such a treat. As a black woman, it was hard to envision myself in these roles after graduation, because there are not a lot of black women in these roles….It was very refreshing to be able to work with Jaronda and be able to learn from her. Jaronda taught me how to lead, how to work with students, and how to supervise and do it with care and empathy. She was very graceful with me. I did not realize how much I needed that until I was able to receive it….That was something that I definitely pass on to how I supervise students now. She really taught me leadership and supervision in that sense. – Dejah Carter, May 2020

Jaronda Miller-Bryant can be contacted at directly

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