Quadruplicity 2020

Quadruplicity 2020
Cultivating Connections
June 30, 2020

The Currency of Plenty: Thriving Beyond Your Circumstances

Presenter: Dr. Jaronda Miller-Bryant

Recent literature has given has much to consider about the power of intention. We understand the power of mindfulness and positive affirmations, but in this presentation, we will apply these teachings to our financial well-being. We have the power to navigate our circumstances through the how we connect and interface with the Universe around us. Audience members will recall a time they perceived to be their financial lowest and will be asked to write about that time briefly. I will share a series of stories to demonstrate the difference between temporarily poor and universally rich. My lesson will involve teaching how to apply a “plenty mindset” and servant leadership to our financial circumstances in order to win! There is power in recognizing that your lowest point is an opportunity to live in your fullest moment and serve other.

Participants in this workshop will leave Jaronda’s session with:

  • The definition of a “plenty mindset” and an understanding of when to employ this strategy. (The currency of plenty is free!)
  • An opportunity to practice the art of reframing and utilizing the currency of plenty (Reconsidering our circumstances and the methods we use to improve them is a gift and a muscle we must work).
  • The power to tap into and manifest the positive outcomes of a financial circumstance rather than dwelling on the potential negative outcomes (Rich is relative and broke is a state of mind)

Click here to watch Currency of Plenty presentation.

Jaronda Miller-Bryant can be contacted at directly jaronda@jarondamillerbryant.com

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